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House Bill 1804


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House Bill 1804

ARCHIVE (2007)

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DIGEST OF HB1804 (Updated April 11, 2007 3:58 pm - DI 84)

Various election law matters. (1) Defines "active" and "inactive" voters for purposes of voter list maintenance. (2) Provides that an identification document issued to an active or retired military member with an indefinite expiration date or an identification issued by an approved institution of higher learning is an acceptable proof of identification to vote. (3) Provides that a county or town official may not act as an agent of the election division or the secretary of state for the receipt of candidacy filings. (4) Removes a provision that prohibits the challenge of an absentee ballot cast by certain residents of long term care facilities. (5) Removes provisions permitting a person to execute an affidavit at the polls stating that the voter does not have proof of identification because the voter is indigent or has a religious objection to being photographed. (6) Renames a "certificate of error" as a "certificate of voter registration". (7) Restates county reimbursement procedures for attending the annual election administrators' conference. (8) Specifies the contents of statewide voter registration system reports. (9) Specifies certain procedures in connection with voter list maintenance and updates procedures for address changes of voter registration records in the statewide voter registration system. (10) Removes a requirement that certain instructions and notices used at the polls must be printed in braille. (11) Revises the instruction to voters who vote a straight party ticket and vote for candidates not on the straight party ticket. (12) Requires certain candidacy documents to contain a statement that is separately signed by the candidate that the candidate is aware of the statute prohibiting certain relatives of the candidate from being a precinct election officer. (13) Changes several dates concerning the certification of ballot questions and devices to conform to the date in current law for the certification of candidates. (14) Permits the dissolution of a committee without the waiver of outstanding civil penalties previously imposed on the committee and specifies that the chairman or treasurer of the committee remains liable for any committee debts. (15) Specifies the reporting period for large contributions to candidates for statewide office. (16) Requires that county voter registration records be updated not later than 60 days after election day or after completion of a recount or contest. (17) Establishes procedures for conducting a special election for United States Representative in conformity with applicable federal law when more than 100 vacancies exist. (18) Requires a voter applying for an absentee ballot to provide certain information concerning the voter's identification before receiving an absentee ballot. (19) Allows an overseas voter to transmit an absentee ballot application by electronic mail. (20) Provides that if a voter's application for an absentee ballot is denied, the county election board must notify the applicant of the denial and tell the applicant how the application can be corrected and approved, if possible. (21) Revises precinct boundary change procedures. (22) Provides that when a voter votes as an absentee voter, the voter's signature on the absentee ballot affidavit shall be compared with the signature on the voter's voter registration record, or if the voter's voter registration record does not have a signature, the voter's signature on the absentee ballot application. (23) Provides for the counting of an absentee ballot received by the county election board before the close of the polls on election day if the ballot is not otherwise successfully challenged. (24) Makes the beginning date of absentee voting in the clerk's office or a satellite office one day later than under current law. (25) Permits a county election board to authorize casting absentee ballots only at satellite offices rather than at satellite offices and the clerk's office. (26) For voting system violations: (A) defines "election" for purposes of the secretary of state's enforcement of violations; (B) specifies that, in computing the maximum civil penalty, a violation that occurs in more than one county is subject to the maximum civil penalty in each county; and (C) provides that the secretary of state is not subject to the Indiana Code's administrative orders and procedures provisions in assessing a civil penalty. (27) Provides that the voting system technical oversight program account is nonreverting and that money in the account is continuously appropriated for voting system statute enforcement. (28) Authorizes the secretary of state to conduct audits to determine compliance with federal and state laws requiring the securing and retention of election records. (29) Provides that voters who reside within the portion of a municipality located in a vote center pilot county may vote using vote center pilot county procedures. (30) Requires an absentee voter to return the absentee ballot to the precinct election board or the county election board before the voter votes in person at the precinct. (31) Removes a provision requiring the counting of a ballot (other than an absentee ballot not initialed by the appropriate election officials) that has been marked and cast by a voter in compliance with election law but may otherwise not be counted solely as the result of the act or failure to act of an election officer unless evidence of fraud, tampering, or misconduct affecting the integrity of the ballot is presented. (32) Amends procedures for a county election board to authorize or conduct an inspection of an electronic voting system either before or after the tabulation of votes cast on the system. (33) Restates the maximum amount of a cash deposit or bond in a local recount proceeding. (34) Amends provisions concerning candidate ballot vacancy procedures. (35) Provides that a person who pays or accepts property to obtain signatures on a petition for ballot access commits a Class D felony, if certain conditions exist. (36) Provides that an individual elected treasurer of state takes office January 1, following the individual's election. (37) Provides for an exemption from withholding Social Security taxes from amounts paid to election officials or workers that are less than $1,300 per year. (38) Provides for the initiation of the change of a school corporation's organization plan if 10% of the active voters in the school corporation sign a petition for the change. (Under current law, 20% of the voters in a school corporation must support a petition for a change in the school corporation's organization plan.) (39) Provides for certain precinct boundary changes to take effect not later than August 31, 2007. (40) Repeals obsolete references concerning the mailing of monthly voter registration transaction reports, certificates of election issued by the county auditor, paper ballots, and special polling places.
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