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     A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Senator Richard Bray upon his retirement from the Indiana Senate.


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Second Regular Session 117th General Assembly (2012)



    I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

    A SENATE RESOLUTION honoring Senator Richard Bray upon his retirement from the Indiana Senate.

    Whereas, Senator Richard Bray was first elected to the Indiana Senate to represent Senate District 37 in 1992. Before serving in the Senate, Senator Bray served eighteen years in the Indiana House of Representatives;

    Whereas, During his 38 year tenure with the Indiana Legislature, Senator Bray has established himself as an expert in matters pertaining to courts and the criminal code. He has served on various legislative standing committees, including his current appointment as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ranking member of both the Senate Ethics Committee and the Commission on Courts. Senator Bray has also served in Senate Leadership as the Assistant Majority Caucus Chair;

    Whereas, During his tenure, Senator Bray has authored many bills that sought to improve judicial policies. Those enacted include: a 2011 law that improved the contingency fee procedure, a 2009 law that modernized corporation law,

a 2008 law that increased a court's ability to impose sanctions on probationers who violate conditions of probation; a law that increased the penalty for battery by bodily waste if it was infected with hepatitis C, and a law that established re-entry courts. He also ushered into law new guidelines for victim's compensation funds and a provision that permits a judge to interview a child in-chambers before establishing visitation rights. Senator Bray's expertise as a legal professional, has allowed him to author and advocate on the behalf of bills that improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial process. It is because of his experience as a legal practitioner, that he has been able to identify gaps in the court system and offer legislation to address these issues;

    Whereas, Prior to being elected to political office, Senator Bray served in both the United States Army and later as a major in the Indiana National Guard. This notable commitment to his country has placed Senator Bray in the unique position of appreciating and advocating for the interests that he pledged to protect during his term of service;

    Whereas, Senator Bray earned his bachelor's degree and his Juris Doctorate from Indiana University. In the interest of protecting the innocent and punishing those who violate our state's laws, Senator Bray accepted an elected position as prosecuting attorney of Morgan County. At the conclusion of his services as prosecutor, he returned to private practice in Martinsville, where he continues to practice law today when he is not busy representing the citizens of District 37 in the Indiana Senate;

    Whereas, Senator Bray's family includes his wife, Maureen, and three wonderful children;

    Whereas, Senator Bray's departure leaves a void in the Indiana Senate that cannot be filled. In honor of his dedicated service and steadfast advocacy for the interests of his constituents, the Indiana Senate extends best wishes to Senator Bray in his future endeavors: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the

General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SECTION 1. That the Indiana Senate, on behalf of the citizens of the State of Indiana, hereby extend extreme gratitude to Senator Richard Bray for his service to this state.
    SECTION 2. That the Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to Senator Richard Bray and his family.