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House Bill 1157


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House Bill 1157

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF HB 1157 (Updated April 26, 2013 11:45 am - DI 75)

Various election law matters. Provides that a candidate's petition of nomination or a petition to place a public question on the ballot may not use an electronic, digital, digitized, or photocopied signature. Provides that an elected member of the governing body of a school corporation takes office on the date set in the school corporation's organization plan. Provides that the date set in the organization plan for an elected member of the governing body to take office may not be more than 14 months after the date of the member's election. Provides that if the school corporation's organization plan does not set a date for an elected member of the governing body to take office, the member takes office January 1 immediately following the member's election. Specifies the deadline for withdrawal of school board candidates, and revises the deadline for filing as a write-in candidate for school board office. Specifies the first date on which a candidate may file a petition of nomination in Mishawaka and East Chicago school district elections. (Current law specifies the final date for filing, but not the first date.) Specifies that a school corporation with members of the school board elected only by the voters of a school board residence district must adopt a redistricting resolution not later than December 31 of the year following the decennial census. (Current law requires the adoption of a redistricting resolution by the school corporation "before the election next following the effective date of the subsequent decennial census".) Specifies the procedure for certification of school board candidates to the county election board of each county in which a school corporation is located. Restates procedures to be followed when an election is conducted for a city or town located in more than one county. Permits a poll worker in an election conducted by a town election board to serve if the worker meets the qualifications to work in a town election conducted by a county election board. Provides that a county voter registration office is not required to forward to another county a paper copy of an authorization by a voter to cancel the voter's registration, if the authorization to cancel is electronically transmitted to the other county using the statewide voter registration system. Specifies how a voter's vote in a primary is to be recorded in the statewide voter registration system when a voter's choice of political party ballot is not recorded on the poll list. Provides that when determining whether a voter registration application is eligible to be processed, the application may not be rejected solely on the ground that the individual who received the application from the voter failed to complete the application with the required information or signature. Specifies requirements for candidates for selection to an appointment pro tempore to an office. Permits photocopies of receipts for filing of a statement of economic interests to be accepted as part of a candidate filing. Provides that an independent or minor party candidate in a special election for U.S. Representative may withdraw not later than noon 71 days before the special election (instead of noon 45 days before the special election under current law). Provides that special elections to fill certain offices are to be held unless the vacancy in the office occurs less than 74 days (rather than 30 days) before a general election. Amends absentee ballot application and voting procedures relating to the deadlines applicable to certain types of absentee ballot applications. Provides that the application must permit a person to indicate whether the applicant is currently a participant in the address confidentiality program. Makes changes concerning the procedure for processing military and overseas voter absentee ballot applications. Conforms procedures governing federal write-in absentee ballots used in central count counties with current law in precinct count counties. Permits a military or overseas voter to transmit an absentee ballot application or a secrecy waiver for an absentee ballot by sending electronic mail with a digital image (rather than an optically scanned image under current law) as an attachment. Establishes a procedure for a federal write-in absentee ballot received in an envelope inadvertently opened by the county election board to be resealed and counted, if otherwise valid, and makes other changes to conform to the federal laws governing federal write- in absentee ballots. Specifies requirements for optical scan ballot card voting systems and direct record electronic voting systems to permit straight ticket voting and split ticket voting. Permits a county to continue to use a voting system whose approval or certification expired on or before October 1, 2013, if the voting system: (1) was approved by the Indiana election commission (commission) for use in elections in Indiana before October 1, 2013, and purchased by the county before October 1, 2013; and (2) otherwise complies with the applicable provisions of the federal Help America Vote Act and Indiana law. Permits a vendor to display or demonstrate a voting system that has not been approved by the commission for use in Indiana, if certain conditions are met. Specifies rules for counting paper or optical scan ballots when a voting mark does not touch a circle, oval, or square on the ballot, and when a voting mark partially connects a connectable arrow on the ballot. Establishes standards for ballot card voting system certification for detection of a voting mark when a voting mark touches only the outside edge of a circle, oval, or square. Permits a local government body to proceed to fill an office vacancy when an official has filed a resignation with a delayed effective date, in the same manner that a political party caucus may fill a vacancy in such cases. Conforms the deadlines for certification and withdrawal of public questions for controlled projects with the deadlines for certifying other public questions and printing absentee ballots. Provides that the current law concerning national guard musters applies to all election days. Repeals certain statutes relating to elections conducted in towns located in more than one county. Removes a requirement that a petition to dissolve a town or change the name of a town must be accompanied by a census of the voters of the town. Amends the statute (enacted by SEA 519) that prohibits the use of a government employer's property by an employee for certain political purposes to provide that the statute does not apply to a government employee carrying out administrative duties under the direction of an elected official who is the government employee's supervisor. Removes various obsolete references. Makes technical changes.
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