Public Finance Study Commission

The Public Finance Study Commission was created by HEA 1071-1995, and is codified at IC 5-13-9.1. The duties of the Commissions include the following:
    (1) Review and evaluate relevant public investment statutes.
    (2) Recommend clarification of definitions with respect to statutes concerning public securities.
    (3) Recommend whether a cap is needed for long term investments by the treasurer of state, and if so, the level of the cap.
    (4) Recommend clarification of public investment statutes.
    (5) Investigate investment options for local units of government.
    (6) Before November 15 of each year the commission meets, prepare and submit a report of the commission's findings and recommendations to the governor and the legislative council.
    (7) Review and make recommendations concerning other relevant issues as decided on by the Commission.