Indiana Commission on Mental Health

The Commission is directed to study the following:
    1. The funding system for managed care providers of mental health services.
    2. The provision of mental health services delivered by community managed care providers and state operated hospitals.
    3. The implementation of managed care programs for all populations of the mentally ill that are eligible for care that paid for, at least in part, by the state.
    4. Any unmet need for public supported mental health services in any geographic area or throughout the state.
     5. The results of the actuarial study submitted by the division of mental health.

The commission was assigned these additional charges.
     1. Study the feasibility and desirability of creating a legislatively approved distribution formula for mental health funds (HR 75)
    2. Examine the comprehensive needs of persons with Serious Mental Illness (HCR 82)
    3. Examine the issue of civil commitment of sexually violent predators (SCR 68)
    4. Study the topic of mental health services for children (SR 31)